One of our most celebrated annual meetings is happening in April, 2017, as we gather to present our interpretations of one another’s art, writing and music!

I remember a few years ago, when we had Part I of our annual Painted Sounds program. I heard a piece of music written by one of our very talented composers, Marcia Dunscomb, that made me think of a saloon in the wild west. I got excited and sat down that week and wrote a story of a feisty saloon gal and her encounter with a local cowboy. I was so pleased that when we returned for Part II of the program the following month, one of our awesome artists had brought a painting of the gal I had envisioned in my short story. Together we presented all three forms to reveal the emotion of a woman we had ALL created together. I think we were bursting with joy, as was the audience¬† of creative women who couldn’t wait to take their turn to do the same. There’s something very raw and unspoken about creating something from the heart and then having another interpret it in her own heartfelt way. For me, it represents the pinnacle of being a Pen Woman and I can’t wait to see what magic will happen at our April meeting.

If you’d like to be part of this amazing group of women, email us today!