When & Where

The Atlanta Branch meets the second Wednesday of each month, September through May, at the Ansley Golf & Country Club (196 Montgomery Ferry Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30309). If you are a professional woman in the arts and would be interested in attending one of our luncheon meetings, please contact us by Email:

Painted Sounds

The program our members most enjoy is ‚ÄúPainted Sounds‚ÄĚ whereby we interpret one another‚Äôs art in our own medium. Artists, writers and musicians present their work during one of our meetings and in the subsequent month’s meeting, we present interpretations of those works in another form. A painting might be interpreted musically, a poem may be written to a stunning piece of artwork, a short story might be represented in sculpted form. It’s an amazing collaboration of creative power that never fails to excite and inspire each and every member who attends.

This piece, entitled “Tsunami,” represents the synergy and creative potential of being a Pen Woman‚Ķfor the organization provides collaborative opportunities among writers, artists, and composers. ‚ÄúTsunami‚ÄĚ features poetry by Frances Patton Statham, music and narration by Candace Long, and art by Mimi Gould. The music won First Prize in the NLAPW 2012 Music Awards as well as First Place in the Georgia State Association NLAPW Music Competition.

Annual Branch Art Show

Each Spring the Atlanta Branch has a one-day, multi-category art exhibit at the Ansley Golf and Country Club in Atlanta. Here are highlights from a past exhibit:

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